LAB Life Groups

Each LAB Group is made up of 4-12 adults who meet twice a month


Life is not meant to be lived alone. You were created to be in relationship with God and other people, and that’s why at First United Methodist Joshua, we encourage you to participate in and be part of a Living A Biblical (LAB) Life Group.


The book of Acts is very clear about how God intends for His people to grow and have their needs met in the church. We will never be able to hire enough professional pastors to meet all the individual needs in our church family. God never intended for it to be that way! (Acts 2:42, 44, 46-47)


The purpose of each LAB Group is to connect relationally with one another, grow spiritually through encouragement and biblical application, and serve together. Gatherings include food, fellowship, Bible study and prayer. LAB Life Groups are for anyone who wants to love God, grow in grace and serve others.

United Women in Faith

Meets every 3rd Sunday of the month in Chedester Hall at 2:00pm. Come at 1:30pm for refreshments and fellowship before the meeting.


Our Mission

We seek to connect and nurture women through Christian spiritual formation, leadership development, creative fellowship and education so that they can inspire, influence and impact local and global communities.


Our Vision

We are a powerful, fearless force driven by God’s love and united in sisterhood. With a focus on women, children and youth, we act for justice and transform communities.

We face the realities we see in the world, even when they are not the ones we would like to see. However, our goal is not to bear witness simply to harms but also to God’s love by acting boldly to change those harms.


Our Action

Bold action, like faith, takes courage. Our bravery is inspired by God’s love and our powerful commitment to improve the lives of women, children and youth. United Women in Faith works for justice through compassionate service and advocacy to change unfair policies and systems that harm women, children and youth—from racial and gender injustice to economic inequality, climate issues and more.


United Methodist Men

Meets every 2nd Sunday of the month in Church gym at 12:15pm.


The ministry of men in the local church is defined as a core group of men, partnering with their pastor, to invite and initiate spiritual growth opportunities for all men of the church.


These include:

  • prayer groups
  • missions
  • Bible studies
  • retreats, workshops/seminars,
  • small groups in the Wesleyan tradition,
  • leading and participating on committees,
  • teaching Sunday school classes,
  • youth ministries,
  • scouting,
  • mentoring and assisting in leading worship service.

Our mission is to support spiritual growth among men, helping men to mature as disciples as they encourage spiritual formation in others.


Our goal is to empower the ministry of Jesus Christ through men within the congregations of the UMC.


Our pathway is a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth to maturity as Christ followers. Our spiritual formation is marked by spiritual reproduction, as our faith passes on in others.


Retired Old Men Eating Out

Meets every Wednesday at 7am at The Brunch House.


Retired Old Men Eating Out is our lovable United Methodist Men group at FUMC Joshua. This group engages men with opportunities to serve in our church and in our community, together they seek opportunities to put their faith and actions to work while growing in community through fellowship.