Women of Joy

Finally! It’s time for your Women of Joy weekend.

If you would like to go, please RSVP to Lucy Dowings by July 22nd, so she can make hotel/ticket arrangements.  The cost will be around $219.00 per person.

This year it will be at the Comerica Center in Frisco on October 21-23.

Bible in hand, a journal for some frantic note taking, and a caffeine source to keep you wide-eyed for an experience like no other, now you’re ready for Women of Joy!

Be prepared for an overload of advice and Godly counsel. Being at Women of Joy is like drinking from a fire hydrant of wisdom and knowledge. You won’t be disappointed.


• You’ll hear the best of the best in Christian music artists and speakers.

• Bible scholars with incomparable wisdom will teach, preach and show us how the Word of God applies to our every day lives.

• Prepare your heart for laughter as you listen, fun as you’re refreshed and loads of memories amidst your sisters in Christ who are doing life every day just like you.