Summer Bible Study

The Book of Jonah, by Eric Mason

Come and be Apart of a study on the book of Jonah.  Come and see how at the end of the day, God is less concerned with what we do for Him than who we are in Him.  The story of Jonah gives us a picture of a man on the run due to his own selfish desires.  Instead of showing mercy to his enemies, he was determined to keep God’s grace to himself rather than share it with those he considered undeserving. 


Far more than a thrilling Sunday school adventure, The Book of Jonah offers a profound glimpse into the conflict that occurs when God calls resistant believers to His mission.  More importantly, it underscores the depths of His compassion, not only in redeeming the lost, but redeeming those He has called to participate in His reconciling work. 


So, climb aboard and settle in and watch how God uses extraordinary circumstances to break our hearts of selfishness, convince us of His tender care and unite our lives to His glory.